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This is my fleet, the 2nd CRF. I wonder if anyone else would like to make a post about theirs?


Centre Fleet

Fleet Carrier - CRF Soaring Spirit
Fighter Squadrons - Hand of Lorric, Soaring Swords, Spirit Shields

Escort Carrier - CRF Towering Presence
Fighter Squadron - Overlords

Escort Carrier - CRF Brave Soul
Fighter Squadron - United Souls

Escort Carrier - CRF Burning Inspiration
Fighter Squadron - Burning Spears

Escort Carrier - CRF Honour and Duty
Fighter Squadron - The Line

Right Flank

Escort Carrier - CRF Unbreakable Tenacity
Fighter Squadron - Reapers

Escort Carrier - CRF Firm Resolve
Fighter Squadron - Resolution

Escort Carrier - CRF Faith and Valour
Fighter Squadron - Lionhearts

Left Flank

Escort Carrier - CRF Boundless Confidence
Fighter Squadron - Coolhands

Escort Carrier - CRF Vehement Determination
Fighter Squadron - Determinators

Escort Carrier - CRF Driving Force
Fighter Squadron - Widowmakers

Admiral reads through the public networks, and sees the CRF commitment about their own fleet composition. He wonders, if this is a covert misinformation attempt, information security breach, or their own folly? Whichever it is, is it wise to believe in it? If that is true, some nation might just create a counter to their fleet when they plan to engage.

For brief, he reviews his own fleet information with a grin, and shuts down the network. He glares our there, in the void. Once the colonies of Earth, now independent. Will Earth return to its former glory, or will be dwarfed by the independence movements?

All these questions would be answered soon...

2nd CRF Fighter Squadron Logos

Hand of Lorric

Soaring Swords

Spirit Shields


United Souls

Burning Spears

The Line







Headdie sat at his office desk, the windows behind him tinted against the deep night outside.  Following the craziness of the last few weeks of diplomatic posturing, signing of treaties, which included a long trip to St. Heira for a banquet which rivaled the Britannic / Sol Union treaty which it celebrated in its scale.  Now finally he had finished weighing up and formalising bids from industrial and research groups for the business of driving forwards the next generation of technologies and improvements to the Sol Force fleets, something of which Headdie was glad as it seemed the other factions were equally intent on improving their situations.  But for what purpose? was it just that everyone expected that to be the first move?... Or was there more to it???????

Also soon Aldebaran, that dangling low hanging fruit, would move from theory to reality, a very real reality which had potential strain the newly formed bonds to breaking point.  One of the Sol Force Admirals had once told Headdie that no plan survives first contact with the enemy...  How true were those words going to be?  and more importantly, what would the damage be?

Spinning around on his chair Headdie to face the windows, contemplated the questions long into the night, staring into the stars above the Saharan cityscape, knowing that some of those stars inadvertently held the future, both for the Sol Union and humanity as a whole.

(due to recent developments internal to the CRF I am fast fowarding my RP-piece.... I'll fill the upper post with the rest as the Weekend progresses, so don't worry if you are unfamiliar with my command staff)

H.M.S. Sikanda, flagship of the 3rd CRF - near the Serpents-Aldebaran Starlance

Orpheus browsed through the reports from his Captains without paying much attention to their contents. The day to day of fleet command had turned into a monotone drone, especially after the 3rd CRF had deployed to Adlebaran. Both the Camlann's and the Earnaness's supporting carriers had dispatched sorties throughout the system but so far the official reason for the fleet's deployment had failed to be detected.

Lady Isbjørn was carrying the forced inaction with the calm of an experienced big game hunter, waiting patiently for whatever quarry might come across her. Lady Cathleen on the other hand had intensified the battle drills on the ships under her command, her true calling as an unbound Knight Errant shining through her every move - she longed to bring this 'quest' to a close and be on her way.
Sadly none of the "pirates" allegedly infesting Aldebaran had done either a favour.

As Thessa snapped to attention before his console, so did he snap out of his entranced state.

"Sir, another dispatch from the Prime Minister.", she said as she handed him a fine data-waver. "Encoded and your eyes only."

He took the fine combination of quickly-degradable paper and fine meshed circuitty, that would break down just as quickly as the paper if desired, from her hand and placed it in the de-coder receptacle. As the decoder popped up on one of his screen, Orpheus saw that it was not a deeply encoded message, as it would be usually for a military dispatch, but rather an advance copy of a diplomatic message - a public diplomatic message, soon to be released1.

"Thessa, prepare a dispatch to the Camlann and the Earnaness, both flanks are to recall their fighters and all destroyers currently out on a sortie. Command council will convene tomorrow at 0900 houres fleetwide."

"Yes, sir. Anything else?"

"Request the Herald to meet with me as soon as possible. I might have use of his services soon."

As his squire departed, a thought wormed into Orpheus' mind: His flagship might be aptly named, after all.

1 = this one if anyone is wondering


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