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A great improvement over the older model. Should be fun to work with in-game. :) T-V War ships are always great; it's fun to fly in a world where blob turrets are the kings of anti-fighter and anti-cap damage-dealing. But yeah, like Betrayal said, it'd also make an excellent post-Capella shockjump attacker.

P.S. Could you please get back to me on that non-FS modeling project?


I made a post-capella GTVA texture variant. I may upload it, if anybody wants.

Black Wolf:
That's fantastic! Definitely upload, I'd love a copy.

Here U go!

Black Wolf:
This is really cool - you should post a pic/link in the asset release forum. A lot more people probably want post-Capella Vasudan stuff than TV War era, and while reskins normally aren't that celebrated, this is really well done, and deserves its own attention. :nod:


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