Author Topic: Use more recent FSOpen builds?  (Read 2571 times)

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Use more recent FSOpen builds?
I apologize if this has been covered elsewhere.  I'm not having any issues, but I am curious whether a more recent build, such as 3.7.4 or a recent nightly, be used in place of the R1 build that came with the installer/patches? 

Even if it can be used, is there any advantage to it (bug fixes, lighting changes, etc.)?
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Re: Use more recent FSOpen builds?
In theory, there shouldn't be any problem. I usually switch to whatever build is the most recent release when playing Diaspora and haven't had any problems so far.

That way, you can benefit from more recent enhancements, optimizations and engine bugfixes.


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Re: Use more recent FSOpen builds?
Should work perfectly well. You might get a few new errors running a debug build though.
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Re: Use more recent FSOpen builds?
Thanks for the replies! 
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Re: Use more recent FSOpen builds?
I don't think I've ever run Diaspora with the included executable, except for right after it first came out.
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Re: Use more recent FSOpen builds?
I've been consistently running Diaspora with the latest builds and trying to report any issues that come up.  The 2/7 nightly fixed the weapons database in the Tech Room and everything seems to be working great with it.


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Re: Use more recent FSOpen builds?
Yup, great to hear newer builds have continued to work well with Diaspora after the original release.

We made sure we upstreamed all our Diaspora-original code shortly after the game's release, so other users and mods could benefit from it. Side benefit was there really wasn't any thing special about the binaries we shipped with Diaspora within a week or two of the code merge.