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*RELEASE* Animated Viper Cockpits
Good evening everyone,

This started out as an idea to do some animation on the default Viper pits.  The Raptor has animation, so I figured the Viper should too right?  Right.  I consulted with some folks on the Diaspora team and one of their number was kind enough to lend me a copy of the DRADIS sweeps used for some of the R1.1.1 animations.  20 something hours later, I've got animated pits for both the MKVII and MKVIIE with a working secondary DRADIS sweep just like you see in the show.

I've created two resolution versions, 1K textures and 2K textures.  I can run the 2K at 120FPS on my system but it has a beefy video card.  I didn't really notice any visual difference with the 1K versions during testing.  I've created a 1K minimum version for low video memory situations.  Try this one if you're having performance problems.

Viper MKVII:


I hope these are enjoyed, I think they're really cool.  I had to modify the name of the textures due to a limit in how long the names are allowed to be, so that required me to modify the cockpit models to use the new texture names.  No other changes were made to the cockpit models themselves.

*INSTALLATION*  Just unzip the VP file and place it in the root of your Diaspora folder.

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