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Crash Report - ST:R (HUD Issue?)
Played through a few missions of ST:R (amazing by the way, incredible work, loving it!!!), made some graphical changes to the HUD (changing colors on different objects) then got the following error when loading the next mission:

Error: Player file has invalid radar range -1

File: plr.cpp
Line: 143

Ran the debug build, fs_open.log attached.

Tried resetting the HUD, still getting the error; if I click "Debug", it lets me continue, popping up the same error over and over, until it crashes outright. Can reinstall if necessary, but I'd love to be able to fix it without.


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Re: Crash Report - ST:R (HUD Issue?)

Tried resetting the HUD again, got further, but this time the error is

Error: Player file has invalid radar range -1

File: radarsetup.cpp
Line: 487

Further additional:

Went back one more time, actually used the Reset HUD button instead of choosing one of the optional HUD_1/2/3 files... all errors gone. So, seems as though changing from the absolute default HUD was the culprit. Problem solved for me; at least I can play!  :D


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Re: Crash Report - ST:R (HUD Issue?)
A bit late, but glad it's working, and thanks for the kind words. :)

Re: Crash Report - ST:R (HUD Issue?)
Out of curiosity, is the inability to customize the HUD a known issue?


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Re: Crash Report - ST:R (HUD Issue?)
Out of curiosity, is the inability to customize the HUD a known issue?
...No. Does this happen every time you try to change the HUD configuration in any way, or is there some specific action that sets it off?
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Re: Crash Report - ST:R (HUD Issue?)
I didn't test extensively - that is, I broke it, fixed it, broke it again, fixed it again, learned my lesson and stopped ;) - but it just seemed to be any time I changed the HUD from default in any way.