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STR Intro Movie Not Playing

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Since switching over to Knossos as my launcher (which is slowly growing on me), I discovered and issue when starting ST:R through the Knossos launcher.

At first, the intro movie would not play and I would immediately get the pilot selection box and then into the game. I went ahead and redownloded ST:R through Knossos and tried again and this time, the FS1 (FSPort) intro movie started playing instead of the new ST:R intro movie. I checked to make sure ST:R's OGGs were in the Movies folder under ST:R's folder (which they were) and had Knossos do an integrity check too (which was fine).

I ran ST:R again (and again, the FSPort intro movie played again) and went into the Cutscenes area to see which movies would be listed. I pressed Ctrl-Shift-S to show the complete list and looked for ST:R's movies and they were listed, but FSPorts' movies were also listed (the 2 ST:R movies were last on the list after all of FSPort's movies).

Is this why ST:R's opening movie won't play when ST:R starts? Also, FSPort's movie cutscenes shouldn't be listed while playing ST:R, correct?

Possibly the STR intro starts playing when you start the campaign?

General Battuta:
It sounds like everything’s working correctly to me. STR is just a campaign for fsport, not a separate mod. Start the campaign.

ST:R does have a different intro movie and ending cutscene though, and is technically a mod of FSPort (different music and wingman personas, mostly), rather than just a campaign.

Yup, what these guys said.


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