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[2021-02] The NTP Roadmap Thread


Heyya guys,

this thread is actually about the Roadmap of NTP. It should give you an impression what you can expect in the versions to come.
This Roadmap actually will be up to Version 1.0 as this would mark the first major release with a complete translation project.

As this one is a hobby project, i do not think that it make much sense to be filled with estimated release dates. This is not Star Citizen with a budget of million bitcoins.

I made this Roadmap public as i also like to discuss about it, especially as there is still the possibility that some of my decisions, even how meaningful they seem for me, are going in the totally wrong direction.
So, i am open to be rebuked, so that this project is not going out of control. especially as this is not intended to be a project by an individual :)

Current Roadmap
LanguagesRelease Date0.1This was actually not a NTP version. It was the only version, that was released for "FreiRaum: FreeSpace 2". During the development of this version, this turned more into some kind of FreeSpace 2 Rebalanced based on Canon Mod.
Weapon data was adapted to the descriptions in the technical database. For example: Tornado launches 6 Missiles. Prometheus R was based more about the Banshee's data etc..
The multiplayer versions of weapons were dropped completely. Also some Demo features like the Nahema with two turrets were intended to be encountered during the Main Campaign next to the normal version.
This version consisted only of Tables.
As this effort went totally out of control, i decided to cease the further development before Version 0.2.GermanJune 2019 
0.1AThis was actually the result after i went back to the drawing board with "FreiRaum: FreeSpace 2" Version 0.1.
As i always had the intention to be open for other languages aswell, "FreiRaum" was renamed into Novachen's Translation Project internally for me and that was lead simple to NTP.
This version also consisted only of Tables, but well it was not a mod with own ship and weapon data anymore.
It was never released to prevent any Confusion with the already present 0.1 Version.GermanUnreleased.
Finished in September 2020
0.2This was the first public NTP release which also consisted of "FreeSpace 2: Colossus", so simple the first Act of FreeSpace 2's Main Campaign with 15 Missions.German, Japanese, SpanishNovember 2020
0.2.1A Bugfix release, which actually got one big addition: French.FrenchNovember 2020
0.3The second NTP release added "FreeSpace 2: Endgame" to it, so the second Act of FreeSpace 2's Main Campaign with 10 Missions.
Actually this version offered 13 new Missions, as the first SOC Loop was counted to the second Act aswell.French, German, Japanese, SpanishDecember 2020
0.4This version added "FreeSpace 2: Exodus". So the third Act of FreeSpace 2's Main Campaign with another 10 Missions.
But because the second SOC loop is placed right in the middle of Act 3, these two missions were added as well, of course. So 12 new missions in total.French, German, Japanese, SpanishJanuary 2021
0.5This version added the "FreeSpace 2: Demo" campaign with three missions.
This was the first version, that splitted up the voice files into an own packge called ntp_voice as the Voice Files for the Demo missions were added.
Also this one got an own nameplate for the GTC Adamant that is present in the Demo. However this campaign is actually based upon the revised version that was present in the GOTY.
It does not use the Demo specific ships and weapons or even Demo Command. Maybe the actual Demo will be revisited at a later date with an own translation release.
The whole idea from 0.1 is also still not out of the window. But well, it is out of question for NTP of course.French, German,
Partially: Spanish, JapaneseFebruary 2021
0.6The next version will add the four missions from Operation Templar campaign.
But as the GOTY version is only the die-hard Coop versions without respawns, i think that i will use one of the several rebalanced versions of it that were adapted to single player.French, German, SpanishTBD
0.7This one will actually a big release. It will add over 50 Standalone Single Player Missions that are playable from the Tech Room.
Next to the 15 Single Player Missions that were added through the GOTY, all exclusive cooperative multiplayer missions will be properly converted to Single Player.
I actually decided to do that nevertheless, as these are not new missions whatsoever, they are already present in the game, and i simple make them playable for a wider range of players.
However i am still unsure if i should consider "Rites of Passage" here, as this is a mission from Derelict which will be likely get a translation of its own at a later date.
This will finish up the Single Player Translation of FreeSpace 2.
Because 50+ missions are a lot, maybe it would make sense to release several subversions. So that 0.6.1, 0.6.2 offer ten new missions each for example. So releases could happen faster.French, German
Spanish (partially)TBD
1.0From 0.8 up to 1.0 would cover the Translation of the Mutliplayer Part of FreeSpace 2.
Actually there is no detailed roadmap yet, as the multiplayer part of this game is being changed due to the Multiplayer Project in the other Board.
Right now 0.8 would cover the first part of FreeSpace 2 Coop Campaign.
But as it is possible that the updated Coop Campaign will be completely finished after 0.7 was released, 0.8 then would cover the 53rd Hammerheads arc only as every campaign would get its own version.
During the journey to Version 1.0 i also hope to find an official name for this whole translation effort.French, German, Japanese, SpanishTBD
After 1.0The next translation after FreeSpace 2 is planned to be the complete FreeSpace Port, so that both official games can be properly translated together.French, German, Polish, SpanishTBD




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