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Reunion is a lore-friendly, story-driven Freespace 2 campaign with fast-paced fighter combat and epic capital ship battles. The mod aims to capture the look and feel of the original Freespace franchise, providing new content with a sense of authenticity. This is an open beta release, which means that Act 1 is fully playable, but Act 2 and 3 are still in development.

The mod contains:
     ○   10 new missions, which compose Act 1 of the Reunion campaign.
     ○   More than 50 new ships, installations and stellar objects.
     ○   Over a dozen new weapons, most of them never before seen in any other mod.
     ○   A dynamic plot with interesting and diverse characters.
     ○   Epic music and custom skyboxes.

______________________________________________________________ ____________

You assume the role of Commander Simmons, a fighter pilot freshly assigned to the GTVA's 54th fighter squadron aboard the Nagoya, a Rhea-class carrier.

The main campaign is set 12 years after the Capella incident, as the GTVA is nearing the conclusion of its gate construction effort in Delta Serpentis. The Alliance couldn't quite recover from the second Shivan incursion, stretching its resources thin in an effort to both rebuild its fleet and find a way back to Earth.

The voices of those, who never want to return to Sol are getting louder by the day. Some are dissatisfied with the decreasing living standards, others imagine a bright future among the stars. Most however, fear what lies on the other side of the jump gate. A movement to abandon the construction of the gate has started, its radical wing rapidly gaining momentum. As the GTVA fears another insurrection, shadowy powers manipulate the political climate to their own ends.

______________________________________________________________ ____________

Reunion draws upon the vast creative talent the Freespace 2 modding community has amassed over the years, introducing a wide variety of new ships, skins and weapons, some entirely unique to this mod. Fly lightning-fast interceptors. Use bombs that are able to eradicate entire convoys. Take out enemies from afar with your antimatter lance. Confront deadly enemies driven by Blue Planet's enhanced AI. Take part in massive battles between enormous starfleets. Help humanity return to Earth.

Successful completion of the campaign requires quick reflexes, good tactical thinking and command abilities. As an officer of the GTVA security forces, you will have to work together as a team with your wingmen, who depend on your judgement as their leader. You will not be able to complete Reunion simply by flying up to hostiles and pulling the trigger.

Full credits are listed in the mod's root folder, it will also be listed at the end of the campaign once it is fully complete.

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Q: How is this mod any different from Blue Planet / Inferno?
A: Reunion's storytelling is centered around the gate construction effort to Sol and an internal conflict within the GTVA. Blue Planet and Inferno are inspiring works of art, however, I felt like telling a different story with this mod. Telling what exactly is different would be delving too much into spoilers, I can only urge you to explore.

Q: But do you get to take part in an epic brother war between the GTVA and Earth forces?
Spoiler:A: No.
Q: I found a bug or have a suggestion! Where can I make a report?
A: If you encounter any bugs not listed in the "more to come" section, please contact me either via a private message or post in this thread. Please do the same if you have any suggestions with which this campaign could be improved. I am very grateful for any feedback I can get.

Q: When will Act 2 be released?
A: 2021 Q4-2022 Q1 hopefully.

Q: Bro, this campaign is pretty decent, is this seriously your first mod?
A: Nope. This is actually my fourth attempt at making a campaign, but this is the first one I found to be worthy of a public release. The first three will be lost in the labyrinth of space and time forever. Sorry!

______________________________________________________________ ____________

Presently, the Reunion mod is in open beta stage, which means an expansion to the project is yet to come. So far, this release contains only Act 1, which is composed of 10 missions. The development of Act 2 is already in progress. Since this is the first campaign I have ever released to the public, your feedback is invaluable to me in the development of the upcoming chapters.

Long term plans include the addition of:
     ○   Act 2 and Act 3
     ○   Custom HUD
     ○   Custom mainhall and briefing animations
     ○   End credits cutscene
     ○   Full character voiceovers
     ○   Custom fonts
     ○   Better tech descriptions
     ○   Correction of potential grammar and spelling mistakes

While the development continues, do not hesitate to give feedback! Your thoughts are very much appreciated.

                                                                                                              DOWNLOAD LINK

General Battuta:
Yo this looks awesome! Also that's a very cleanly formatted and intriguing release post, you told me everything I wanted to know right when I got curious about it.


--- Quote from: General Battuta on April 04, 2021, 02:03:33 pm ---Yo this looks awesome! Also that's a very cleanly formatted and intriguing release post, you told me everything I wanted to know right when I got curious about it.

--- End quote ---

Thanks! I would love to hear your feedback when you're finished!

This looks amazing.  Highlighted. :yes:

Stuck on mission 5 with attack on Regulus, but like it so far.  One small flaw I found is that in the first 2 missions, the nebulas and planets don't mesh well into the background. They look as if somebody glued them on


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