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Knossos mod manager help, unable to download mods

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it's been a while since i've done anything with freespace SCP so i wanted to walk the old block again.
trouble with the Knossos mod manager, I have it installed, i have my account set to it, but when i try to get blue planet complete, or any other mod, I click the download with mod manager button, and nothing happens, Knossos does not respond despite it being up and open.
This is the web page i'm trying to use to get blue planet complete

normally I'd try logging in on the site to see if that works but there is no login option that I can find, any assistance in getting past this hurdle will be greatly appreciated

You should be able to download mods within Knossos directly, without using a separate browser. You don’t need an FSNebula account to download mods.

What do you see in the Explore tab in Knossos? And what version of Knossos are you using? And what platform/OS are you on?

I'm on windows 10, I'm using Knossos 0.14.3, and the explore tab has a list of mods, but none of blue planet at all, or transcend, my favorite ones that I've been wanting to revisit

If Blue Planet and Transcend aren't in the Explore tab, then Knossos doesn't have an installation of the original FreeSpace 2.

You'll need a copy of FreeSpace 2 from either GOG or Steam.

Once you have that, try the "Install FS2" button on Knossos's settings screen (the gear icon in upper-right).

Ok this is going to seem really silly, but I thought Knossos was meant for the steam installed FS2 Open source code project. I actually have that part all installed, mods set up with accessability through WX launcher. I just need to be able to get the new blue planet mods, I just don't know how to write a .ini file, so I'm a bit stuck


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