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Knossos mod manager help, unable to download mods

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wxLauncher isn't supported anymore. You don't need to write any .ini files.

Knossos does everything wxLauncher did and so much more.

Here's what I suggest:

* Go to Knossos's settings menu.
* Click on the "Knossos" section and make sure the "Library Path" is set to a folder that didn't exist before you installed Knossos. The reason is that Knossos has its own folder structure and needs to start its library with an empty/new folder.
* Click on the "Install FS2" button. In the dialog that appears, choose "Select installation folder" and browse to the Root_fs2.vp file in the folder where you have the FreeSpace 2 retail data (.vp files). Knossos will copy the data over to Knossos's library folder.
* Once that's all done, go back to Knossos's Explore tab. Blue Planet and Transcend should now appear in the list.
The great thing about Knossos is that it will automatically download the mod assets, dependencies like MediaVPs, and game engine (FSO) executables and set everything up for you.

If any of the assets/dependencies/executables have an update released, Knossos will notify you that an update is available. You can then apply the update simply by clicking a button in Knossos.

Thank you for that, the only thing now is when i go to the link i mentioned earlier, the only option i have is to download all of the different assets into different download packages, instead of just being able to have knossos download it directly. with as numerous of files as there are, I actually don't know what I'm doing with all of those, how to set up the asset locations, if they should all be in their own big folder separating blue planet from others, that sort of thing. it's a bit daunting, and I know for a fact without instruction on what to do with those, or without knossos being able to download it from the site (which the big download with knossos button suggests it should be able to do) I know i'll screw something up and it still won't be playable. these kinds of file movements need very specific and exact steps, which I don't have.

Mito [PL]:
Don't go into links unless you want to download files manually. If you navigate to Explore tab, then to the mod tile, hover your mouse over it and press the "Install" button that shows up. From there on, Knossos should do everything by itself, and when it finishes downloading you can launch the mod from the Home tab.

Edit: just to clarify, Knossos FSO installation is completely separate from whatever else ones you have, and Knossos itself serves as a mod manager, installer and launcher for that installation. When you point Knossos to retail FS2, it just copies over the necessary files into its own mod library directory.

Hmm, looks like the "Download with Knossos" link on the website isn't working for me, either. I'll file an issue with the Knossos dev team. Thanks for letting us know, Connerzephyr.

Just to double-check, when you installed Knossos, one of the install options was a check box for "fso:// Support". That box was checked, right?

Also to confirm, you started with a new or empty folder for Knossos's Library folder, right?

In any case, like Mito [PL] said, try going to Knossos's Explore tab and getting Blue Planet Complete from there.

EDIT: Created Knossos Issue #240.


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