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How to tell where knossos is installing stuff / looking for stuff?


Iain Baker:
Hi all, stoopid question I know, but how would I find out where knossos is installing campaigns to, and where it is looking for campaigns? I ask as after my last PC MOT / Upgrade the files and profiles have gotten a bit messy, and I think I now have multiple folders, installations etc. dotted around my HDD and SSD.

I have a folder that appears to have every campaign I have ever downloaded in it - even campaigns the have since been removed from knossos and knossos no longer detects. Is this normal? And is this where knossos is looking since the lists do not appear to match. Screenshot attached.

Cheers :-)

Knossos let's you set a folder to where it looks for mods. To find what the folder currently is Open Knossos, Click the Gear icon (upper right) then, see what it says for folder path under Knossos Library  :)

Iain Baker:
Thought that was the case. :-)


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