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Tolwyn: published Wing Commander Saga: Battlegroup Serpent Special. Read this extended article here.


Unknown Target:

BTW, why does the dock in this image look so much like a Star Trek space dock?

The campaign looks sweet, tho ;)


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Its direct under the german report

--- Quote ---A few days ago we received a new alpha-version from the project: Wing Commander Saga: "Battlegroup Serpent".
In the last few weeks many things have changed. Many ships have been added. You feel like as you are in a new game. Nearly everything has changed, except of the login screen and some other minor things.
That's not all but let's start at the beginning. Freespace 2 started without any problems. I created a new Pilot, heared the new background sound and the new menu screen appeared. It showed the Concordia with a few fighters. There were two missions available and i started the one named "Nemesis".
I watched the mission briefing, my objectives: Destroy all Kilrathi Capships and protect your own Capships. I chose my ship and i was quiet surprised. Nearly every ships from all Wing Commander parts were available.
After i pressed the Start-Button i found myself in a Thunderbolt. A Kilrathi corevette explode in a nice fireball without any shots fired on it by me.

Then i flew to the Kilrathi heavy destroyer. My torpedos did moderate damage to it. My own capships dealed the most damage to them.
After the destroyer exploded a Kilrathi Carrier jumped in. My torpedos were useless against it. Even my other Capships made only less damage. Finally a Carrier of the Vesuvius class junmped in and destroyed the Kilrathi Carrier.
The Carrier explode and i saw a gigantig pressure wave. This wave nearly destroyed my ships and i was not very near to the Carrier.
The secont mission was a test-szenario for the new shilds of the Capships. In thi mission a Tallahassee class cruiser jumped into the system. A fregatte shot on it. You can see the Screenshots below.

Firstly the new start menu is quite nice. Even the textures are very cool and you really feel like you are in a new Wing Commander game. Nevertheless the "old" ships from WC1 and WC2 still look like they were cut out of a comic book, but they will be retextured and they will be textured in WC3-style.
Secondly, you've never had the chance to see such nice capship-battles. The shildanimations are also perfect.
But there are still some minor bugs. The hangar of the vesuvius class carier is a little bit too small. The second problem is the balance, but this problem is a result of the FS2 weapons.
The team is currently working on these bugs and they will dissappear in the next few weeks.

Currently the team is working on the sound for the Demo. This demo will not be released soon, because the mission designer had an accident.
They are also working on different models and some 3d-arts. you can see a screenshot of a dock below. Nobody knew if this dock will appear in the demo or in the final mod. This arts are for the trailer which will be released in the next few weeks.
The Wingcenter got the whole demo story and i've to say: You will be amazed!

Last words:
The WCS: Battlegroup Serpent Team has the possibility to make a game equal to a new Wing Commander. All they need is a good story and the "Know How" and i think they got both.
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and it is a very old alpha preview.

if you understand German read the interview with me and gevatter Lars here:


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