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How should Torpedos work?

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What would you like more, should the Torpedos work like in Wing Commander 3+4 or more like in WC Prophecy?

Just to remind you:

WC P----> destroy every subsystem with your Torps to kill
WC3+4-->  just fire at the Enemy

WC3. Seems kinda.. more natural.

that is also my oppinion. It is kinda unnatural if you have to eliminate each part of the ship in order to destroy it

Knight Templar:
That's kinda neat. Maybe you could incorporate a system that allows subsystems to get damaged, but sitting there shooting at one turret for an hour wouldn't kill the ship, although if the ship had 2% hull integrity left and you blew up a fresh turret and it brought it down to 0%, then it should die.

In otherwords, Major subsystems like the Engine or Reactor or whatever you can do an overall 75% damage to the ship through and lesser subsystems like the weapons or sensors you can do an overall of 25% damage to (each) and turrets and such you can only do 5% or so.

Torpedo bombers DIDN'T have to shoot each and every ship's turret, before.

Why should it be any different here?

And, of course WELCOME!
( I do hope you don't leave the other site though). There is a lot of bush-burning around here. Also, this forum tends to have some connections to  SIR CRASHALOT :)

I so much want the WC2 pack released. What is the progress on that?  (From what I see in Standoff, Eder has only 13 ships left of ALL of those that were in WC2-(if I understand correctly what he wrote in his forum.))


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