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Just a Slothy kind of day... (Actually Important)


Hey... Again...

I've completed my work on the second campaign for the MOD.

The one that I had envisioned before has now come to pass.  The entire story has been compiled and is ready to be received by anyone in any way affiliated with this MOD.  Please cross check with Tolwyn for authorization on viewing and post here.

This is intended to be released after the first campaign.  No date has been announced, naturally- But this one is long, drawn out, and an epic in itself.

For information regarding it, here is what I'll release...

Plot Features:
- Long, drawn campaign; Almost a game in itself
- You'll have the ability to play with not just 1 side's ships
- Experience The Sloth's view of events after WC4
- War, deceit, madness- The main plot is not the only plot around

New Features:
- A few new ships not seen before in the WC universe

Can't tell ya much else,  TTYL guys/gals

The Sloth

gevatter Lars:
New ships??? Are you refering to the ships I have created or have you done something else?

Yours of course.  lol, i'm no modeller

yay, and the campaign is almost finished... 4 missions still have to be written though. I am not sure, since I had no contact to sloth for a while... I'll inform you very soon on the current progress. Tolwyn out.


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