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Good God...

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What have I done...
I've created a monster mission!!!

Yes, I've been back at it... again...

This time, I've been slowly 'perfecting' a mission simply called:  Intrepid Escape.

Basically, you have to escort the BWS Intrepid to the Sirius jump point.

This task isn't as easy as one might think, however.
In place there are already 2 Kilrathi cap ships.  One is in tight persuit, a corvette, the other, is a Kilrathi Heavy Destroyer in place right beside the jump point.

I've placed a few 'surprises' in the mission just to make people love me oh so much more... :mad2:

This mission is, quite simply... Hard as nails.  It took me about 15 tries to win... without cheating... (turned on invincibility through FRED to see if the mission worked like it was supposed to without the player dying... naturally)

So, if anyone (on the team) has the testicular fortitude to attempt to beat this oh-so-player-loving mission, please, put your name down and I'll send it to you.  :drevil:

I'll get back to my fanatical mission creating...
The Sloth :thepimp:

after i wail it 5 times im going to press the advance to next mission button

Note to self:  Make it even harder.

Sounds great, i love the fact that there's already enough ships done to make full fledged missions.

There are. :)

Only problem is- it's still a beta.  We have a pretty good number of ships- and we have a few missions, but nothin' compared to when the newer release for the team'll come out.

Ohhh... Can't wait to get my hands on even more stuff... :mad2:


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