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gevatter Lars:
Well I have made some models and I want to know what you think about them.
PS: All of them are planed to be used in small Movies...not ingame!

First the Revised Bengal Strike Carrier.
This version got a bigger main hangar, a second hangar at the back und as you can easly see a completly new Bridge section. It also has additional armor layers on some section of the ship for better protection.
I will add some details to the outriggers like antennas, because its something like an AWACS device.
The frontsection will gain two Capmissile lunchers.

This is a fighter that I have made for someone else, but in the end he didn't want here it is just for viewing pleasure.

The third model is the Blackmane Base from Wing Commander 3.
I have redone it from this pic

Ideas and critics are tell me what has to be done to make them that you can say. Hey that looks like StarWars or something like that BUT remember it should still be somehow logic. So no useless details like these many small boxes on a StarDestroyer where nobody know what they are for.

The last ship is nice.
What is it for a ship (class etc.) ?

gevatter Lars:
Tja wer lesen kann ist klar im vorteil ^__^

Well its some kind of a fighter, original made for one of the Wing Commander projects, but it seams as if its not needed enymore.
About the class...nothing known about that. In Wing Commander therms its a heavy fighter, but it has quite weak shields for a heavy fighter....its just made for hit & run tactics.

**** i haven't look at the text only at the pics.

Very nice work. :yes:

Seriously smooth work.


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