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Not sure if you folks might be interested or not...but I had a brief e-mail conversation with the guy that did the XWA WC stuff...  He might be interested in helping here, and I think WC is a better fit here as you actually can do afterburners... :)  I can give you his e-mail to see if you can tease him over - if you are interested.

gevatter Lars:
Well we can use every helping hand we can please contact him for us, so that we can talk with him.
Beside that is it the same person who posted his XWA Model in the net?

yup: we are interested...give us his mail, please... or prepare to die :D

Sorry I took so long to get back to you...  Been a busy week.

His e-mail is:

[email protected]

dreddnott is his nick...  yes, he is the same guy that did stuff for XWA.  in his e-mail to me he suggested he might be able to help by sending you the .opts (files used by XWA).  i think he might be willing to do more as well.  i know the SW projects is converting the .opts from Darksabre to use, so this may well work for you too...  he mentioned needing a copy of FS2, I can help with that if you talk him into helping.

drednott...hmm... I dunno, whenever or not he will help us...

Besides that, I've converted all WCXWA TC models :D


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