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Story what is importend?


As the titel says, what do you think is importend for a good story?

To me a good story has a little of everything. Drama, suspence, comedy, tragedy... No matter if it is spread out through an entire campaign or even found in a single mission. using those elements in proper balance with believable characters and situations is most of teh challenged. But whoever if designing the missions will have the hardest burden storywise cause the feel of the game is when you actually play the mission. At that time you should be experiencing WING COMMANNDER...

Colonol Dekker:
Hey T,  I believe the key element of wing commander involves all your factors, but the overall deciding key element is the involvement and the affect you can have on a missions outcome, IMHO WC manages that far more effectively than FS2 but thats primarily through the use of cutscenes and we can simulate that right with command briefs,  I'm sure thats just skipping the surface and there are many more elements i havent covered that are floating aound my head now but i'm sure the fine citizens of HLP will add their own touch of Le' Suggestionne to this subject.

Cheers Tolwyn and team, and fans of WC universally..:nod:

hello Dekker,

from the Depths of the Blackness, you have come back- not to plague, not to curse, not to spam but to help, right :D

We are all glad to see you again after a quite long time.

on the side note: can you see/access our hidden developer forum? (the access should be given to you and a few of other users today or tommorow).

btw, I have just noticed that SG forums are down again... it is a good choice to move here I suppose.


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