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Re: A celebration of Freespace
I know it's many years old (dread to think how many), but that fire effect on the other side of the ship when the beam penetrates it is such a great innovation.
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Re: A celebration of Freespace
Guys I've just finished the campaign called The Aftermath: Reboot and I must say it blew my mind. I just want to raise attention to this masterpiece of a campaign, with a wonderful story line and impressive Fred-ing by genius Herkie423. In my opinion this is one of the best campaigns in the entire FreeSpace universe, which has been meticulously planned and executed with the heightest detail covering outcome and gameplay, backgrounds (really F'n impressive), music that goes great with every mission.

It's a must try for everybody and I don't know why id doesn't get the high coverage it deserves.
Special thanks for Herkie423 for devising this, and especially for his selflessness in handing over his project to this community.
His altruist nature and future planning left many continuations open to this campaign, if somebody would like to continue his work.


Re: A celebration of Freespace
With the content drought we're facing, it's a little hard to celebrate anything that hasn't already been done so multiple times over.

Well you can try anyway~


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Re: A celebration of Freespace
Is that a Tron?

Re: A celebration of Freespace
It ended up looking that way actually but yeah the look was intended. Actually there'd be a bit enviroment lighting, but certainly not much.