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3.6.18 Multiplayer Setup, Schedule, and other Info V0.9 CURRENT AS OF Aug 19TH

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Standalone Servers

A standalone server is one that needs no human input, you set it up to run on a PC and then you leave it running. People can join at will, and you don`t have to do a thing.


Setting up a standalone is pretty easy. Make sure that you read the Getting Ready guide, and follow it exactly.

Open up the launcher, and set your features tab like this:

If you want to run a mod, select the appropriate mod under the "MOD" tab, and continue to the next step. (NOTE: The only mod besides FS2 that has multiplayer missions is FSPort. You can select MediaVPs if you want to have better graphics)

Do that, and then click "Apply" and "Run". You'll see this window, and you can close the launcher now.

Name your server, and you're done. The other options are pretty self-explanatory.


* Make sure that you indicate which mod you're running, if you're running MediaVPs, name your server "<My Server> MediaVPs".
* If you want, you can leave the server running in the background while you use the computer, it won't affect performance on most PCs.
* Be wary when using torrents or file sharing as they can hog upload speed and make your server unusable.

Sticky plz.

As soon as 3.6.10 final is out.

BTW what are you using for hosting the images?  They just loaded really slow. 


Can you email them to me and I'll get them uploaded to a better place.


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