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--- Quote ---Thanks for the comments guys, I also think its coming along nicely but I would still like more choice regarding buildings, for examples the geodomes in the first Lupus boss image, well in MC1 the domes were much larger and that fenced area was totally occupied by them.
--- End quote ---

Where is the problem ? Just create a thread (best in the public board) with a wishlist for buildings. I can spit them out like a machine :)

A picture is worth a thousand words. The domes are fairly easy to see there. :)

Ah, that one :) Now I remember. I like that antenna stuff on it. Can you give me a more close in view ? That would make it easier for me to copy

Done and done.

Anyone got any good campaigns to try out cause im not sure what else to try out . ALso how is that MC1 to MCO campaign coming?


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