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After discussion on internal forum, we have decided that time has come to take this step.
Despite the brief burst of activity, during which the team tried to salvage the project, we failed to do that.
Some work was done, but not enough, and the team slowly ceased activity. Aside from an April fools joke, nothing happened out there.
I'm sorry for everybody who waited for a release, though after all this time, I wouldn't be suprised if not many such people left out there.

I thereby, of behalf of all active team members, declare Machina Terra project officially dead. Machine will not awake, not anytime soon.
All our work can be downloaded here:

These are all contents of our SVN, and unfinished cutscenes made by Styxx.
I hope somebody will, in the future, revive the project, like it happened with 158th, and that this will turn out better than 158th.

Well that's a real shame. Oh well.

Commander Zane:
I like the Charon and Chimera, still looking through the models.
I hope some of these find a use later on.

Redunantly, the Crash.pof, crashes PCS. :lol:

It's actually a terrain model (you can see it in modelview), one I'd like to see fixed, because I have an use for it.

Black Wolf:
Bah. You people and your bloody modeldumps. No consideration for us hard-working wiki contributors who have to come along after you, and put all these new ships on the wiki! Just keep 'em to yourself next time, OK? :doubt:


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