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Who is your favourite Beta Tester in JAD2.21? (Spoilers obviously)

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So who's your favorite?

If you really liked one Beta Tester and really liked fighting another, then think of the question as "If there was only one Beta Tester in JAD2.21, who would it be?"

There were a lot of things I liked about a lot of the beta testers. Beam guy had the attitude, taco guy and cylon guy had fun battles and music. But if there had to be only ONE beta tester, I'll go for fighter swarm guy, because going into berserk mode was amazing. This was my face when I fired RockeyeMMM for the first time.

Commander Zane:
There was something I liked about all of the battles, each one presented a unique fighting style and required a different combat strategy for defeating them.
My favorite Beta Tester of the lot however, I think would have to be Sixth.

Dark Hunter:
Fifth, because he's based on Ramiel, which is my favorite Angel.

4th beta tester I believe. It comes alive and says it only wants to... help. Then that Zombie .ani pops up. Then it brings some Friends who all want to 'help' as they make a mad rush for you.

Freakin creepy.

The 6th beta tester kinda creeped me out as well. Mrs. 'let's be friends or I scream bloody murder'. Hmm... probably 6th beta tester wins.

7th beta tester had the most interesting fight, but was not nearly creepy enough to make top beta tester.


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