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MT: Hyperion design document


I was saddened to notice the death of this project and the resulting model dump (though I don't argue with the decision - seems well thought-out to me). I don't know how many of you even know who I am, but for the purposes of this topic I guess you just need to know that I used to be on the MT team with Styxx. For the record, I didn't do much that was useful. :p

Except for this, maybe. I wrote up a 16-page outline for a prequel campaign to MT. I called it Hyperion, and it was going to be 11 missions long... but I never had the skill with FRED to lift it off the ground, so this design document is all that ever got done.

Seeing as the rest of the campaign materials have been published, I figured I might as well make this available too:

Machina Terra: Hyperion - design document

Maybe someone can take it and make something cool out of it. :)

Black Wolf:
No effin' way. Steak's still around? :O

Yeah, I'm still alive. Just to busy being a dad and doing my job to be around here much. :)

Ahh, that was the secret Hyperion thing

So Steak is still alive too? :p


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