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Due to lack of progress and manpower, I am hereby discontinuing The Apocalypse Project, inclusive with the request that there be no further resurrection "attempts" after this.

Due to circumstances relating to the IP used, including effects, textures and models acquired from Relic's Homeworld 1 and 2, there will be no mod dump nor any sort of a "release".

The story and its rights default back to DarkKnight, per our verbal agreement ages ago, and it is upon him to decide what to do with the story rights.

Music is not releaseble, due to the fact that i cannot contact Asprin anymore and the licencing status was never made clear.

Some backgrounds (skyboxes) we were using are not Relic's property, but from PyroMX. Should he so desire, i/we will release them as well.

For those of you who had public repository access or any other sort of access to the project files, i would like to ask you to not spread any of the files to the wide public in any way.

Our legacy of note for the engine are the following: Homeworld style Hyperspace jumps and the Team Colors feature.

Both are currently availible in the base FSO engine, therefore not reliant on data from our Project.

To all past and current members of the Project, thank you for all your years of help and thank you all for sticking through with me to the bitter end.
Also, many thanks to Swantz for hosting our SVN repo and HLP for hosting us overall.

The only thing released will be 4 animated effects i have made explicitly for TAP, availible from this link, released under the following licence:
Also as a thanks to Matththegeek for reminding me, have 4 models made by me, under the same licence as above: link
the models contained herein are: Hiigaran Interceptor, Assault Frigate, Ion Cannon Frigate, Carrier. All are untextured and need a UV map first.

A huge thank you to everyone involved over the many years, from the Project Lead, pecenipicek :)

It's a pity man. Cheers.

Scourge of Ages:
It's been an honor to be even a small part of this. Salut.

Well this is a bummer. :(

Well, dang. BTW, I'm sure Asprin was around not a long time ago. If he's the same one who made B4: The Minbari Project/B5: TGOS, then perhaps he could be contacted by other means.


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