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finally~ ;7 ;7 ;7

Commander Zane:
Ready to channel my inner M. Bison.

Just Another Day 2.23 is currently being uploaded to Knossos RIGHT NOW.

Build required will be FSO-19 RC2, which just released today!

I'm going to close the dev blog thread for now, to channel any discussion to the other threads. Later I might reopen it and share some weird tales or share unused or stuff that didn't make the cut.

But thanks to everyone posting here, giving your interest and motivation and memes to keep on going!

I really hope you enjoy the end of to this really weird series.

This was quite the journey. If you told me when I started JAD2.2 that it'd take me 9 years to finish it and had to design a whole bunch of new content and stuff, I probably would've just given up. But making JAD taught me so much. The series has always been about me learning how to do stuff. The original JADs were me just exploring FRED and getting to know how FreeSpace works. JAD2.2 was learning everything else: writing, scripting, game design, refining how to model objects fast and map and texture them.

But all that takes a large mental toll. So that'll be the last FreeSpace campaign I make (on my own anyway). I don't see how I could top this without killing myself...

I've still got some FreeSpace projects to do. Scripts people have asked for, models I want to redo. All of that after a nice long break.

So thanks for reading this, and thanks for playing!


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