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Love the AXEM.....
But hate the EXAM

Spoiler:Soooo, a Rahu gas miner is the tenth beta tester who has stolen the Titanic.  :lol:
BTW what's that akrotiri for ?


--- Quote from: Rodo on June 02, 2013, 11:06:49 pm ---oh damn, massive sexps.

btw, Copy/Paste in fred2..

share your secret oh mister Axem, as you did with mighty spacebar!

--- End quote ---

You mean uh, ?

Arpit: All will make sense when JAD2.22 is released... wait this is JAD... It'll make... JAD-sense?

ouu nousss, I though you had a shortcut for that!

I hate right clicking on every frikking sexp to do that :sigh:

Definitely better than looking up all the options you need in the menus.

Aaaaaaa high speed flyout menu sensory overload


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