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Greetings, my dear community.

Few words from me...
Some of You may notice, that ED board went to Archived Board section. With lack of any activity inside our team, despite numerous attempts to recurrect almost dead ED, we didn't make significant progress from about a year. In that case the only thing I can do is reqest Goober to move ED board to Archived.

What does it mean?
No, it doesn't mean ED is dead. We have 80% ready project with cool music, awesome gameplay and outstanding storyline. It's too much to be wasted, but not enough to release ED in current state. We released almost everything except for music, interface, hud graphics, cbanims and missions and these things will stay exclusive.

Like I said, ED is not dead. Under my command, and with directions from Shiv I will finish and release first Act of Earth Defence with help from my team. As I have other mod known as Mystery Project, I don't have time to work on two big mods at once so I decided to keep Earth Defence in hibernation. We will resume work on Earth Defence after release of Act I of Mystery Project. Not sooner and not before.

What ED is going to be?
Nothing different than U know. You will get first chapter of ED in exacly the same form, as Shiv and other members of the team promised. Great missions with unique atmosphere.

Okay, enough talking. I want to show You some screenshots we have, to keep You warm :P :

Also I have some cool previews of our CBanims by Lukaszk159

We are not going down. We are going out...
Stay tuned.

Greetings Betrayal.

Those are some of the most stunningly beautiful screenshots I've ever seen of this game. :eek2:

I wish you and those with you luck.

Glad to hear you're still pushing for a release. :yes:

I wish we could finally make this much of work done.

Let me finish what I have on my workbench. Than we will give ED a new life... And other things too :P.


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