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Hello fan(s),

Bringing you as innovative and unique ideas as "campaigns that are funney" and "anime in campaigns" (as well as "using Ravanas in campaigns"), I bring you this new amazingly original idea that has never been done before ever: Writing fan mail to the in-universe characters.

So I invite you to write Holley, Delta 1, Epsilon 1, mysterious unrevealed characters, or anyone else with your thoughts, questions or poems. Responses may be provided in the thread or answered in the campaign itself!

Or both!

Please note that a behavioral projections may be compiled of users that submit messages, this data may be used for targeted monetization and amortization.

Dear Anyone/Everyone,

What have you all been up to during the INTERMINABLE hiatus? Holley, I imagine you especially must be utterly bored to death without new Beta Testers to kill.

Dear Mysterious Unrevealed Character,

Are you willing to state, for the record, that at no time did you do the thing possibly, but not necessarily, related to the other thing?

Channel 4 News

An Open Letter to the Team:

What are your speculations on FRED's disappearance? Do you think there may be some sort of mutation to wxFred or qtFred (or maybe something in between)?


--- Quote from: z64555 on September 23, 2015, 11:50:29 pm ---wxFred or qtFred (or maybe something in between)?

--- End quote ---
Surely not the dreaded qtwxFRED²!


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