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The model is finished and all yours for using :)

I don't expect any trouble but if there is any problem with the model, please let me know ASAP.


Hello everyone.

While I'm still waiting to receive the final UV layout for Agneya to carry on with the rest of textures I decided to do something in the meantime. So I had two options. Try to start texturing my previous models <hydra, huh?> or to start something new. I had one attempt to properly UV the Hydra but I gave up. I made that model when I was a complete noob and I didn't give a damn about having a mapping-friendly geometry. So here am I, working on the next model. I treat this thing as a kind of test for myself. I promised myself that will make it simple and with a geometry that I could handle to UVmap.

So let me show you the newest crap from my workshop :P
The EFF Sabre
Sabre (View in 3D)

It's an asset made for The Mystery Project that we're working on. That fighter will fill a space superiority role in one of the Terran factions. It is designed to operate in both space and Earth's atmosphere environment.

This little baby belong to the Earth Federated Nations - same faction from Mystery Project as EFFg Solomon, and will be released the same way.

Status report. Model is ready and I'm currently doing the UVmaping which is about 50% complete.

OK. UVmap is finished and ready to go.

Now I'm taking my first steps towards normal mapping in NDO2 :)

Guys I have a question regarding AO bake. I tried make a nice looking AObake but without good results so far. How to make it properly in blender? How to set lights, sampling etc? When I delete all the light sources to make equal everywhere the resulting map is blank with a few darker spots


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