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ITS ALIIIIIIIVE!!!11!1!1one!1


--- Quote from: Lorric on March 12, 2016, 04:56:50 pm ---I wonder how long it's been since we first started hearing of this "Mystery Project?" Feels like well over a year, is that right? I hope it is a success. :nod:

--- End quote ---
Something like that. After a lot of troubles, we are on the last lap.

It's time to rid off the "mystery" tag from this project. Or, at least, partially :P

Definitely intrigued! Is it voice-acted?

First release of Into the Dark Waters has no VA, but we don't deny it at all :P. Mostly because we are focusing on cool and bug-free gameplay. So VA is possible in the future :P

Well... my interest is clearly piked  ;7

Come at me bro!


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