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EFC Viscount joined the Earth Federated Nations fleet and it's now second cruiser class alongside with Evangelist. Simple model with just 12k polys, but it's fits general EFN theme. Original model by SolCommand buffed by myself a little bit.


Everest-class Talos-class destroyer joined the family of Earth Federated Nations :D

An another ship joins the fleet pack :)
Congrats !

i realy wanna try this mod but i don't find any downloads for it. Still in some closed beta or so?

Apart from a few ships we've released so far the mod is still in the making (we are now testing the missions and many of them are already polished). I don't know how about the rest of the team but I'm so far stalled by the university stuff  (I almost graduated. And when I do I'll have to find a job and that won't help my texturing efforts either but... no choice :P)


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