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How do we face a ruthless enemy? Should we damage them enough to break their will? Should we put a show of firepower to shock them? Or should we just posture ourselves defensively and hope we could somehow push them back? Or maybe we could cut off every conceivable route for the enemy to get to us and fall back? Whatever happened three years ago was just to postpone the inevitable. The bitter memories of the horror that crushed the souls of heroes seared into the minds of those who had lost themselves;  their courage,  their sanity,  even their morality.  The frightful images of those dreaded demonic ships, the destroyers, pierced through the hearts of brave men, good men. I was one of them. I was broken. The destroyers took everything, my family,... My life. I had nothing but heaps of ashes. I can never forget those moments in Capella when I have no choice but to smile back at death's grin. But I survived. Since then, I took things one at a time. Still, the scars remind me of a foreboding threat of a stalking predator looming over the event horizon of an uncharted jump node. They will be back and I will dread that day. So, how do we face the enemy? Should we shed our hesitance, our reluctance, our fears, every shred of humanity and take them head on? Grind them to dust until there is nothing left? Until they are lost forever?

---John K. Richter

The story takes place three years after the destruction of Capella and the end of the Second Shivan War. The GTVA is recovering but it has become a paranoid society building their military might believing that their old nemesis will someday return. Even then, the tension between the two races is growing, the Terrans are deep in debt while the Pirate Issue is becoming problematic. With everything going haywire, how can the alliance face the inevitable? Experience the journey of one mercenary seeking his ultimate purpose as he tore through the chaos in a brutal war then, later, the fate of all rested on his weary shoulders.


--68 Missions divided into 10 Acts. 54 playable missions and 15 carefully crafted cutscenes.
--The mod has 6 dreadnoughts, 11 destroyers, 14 corvettes, 12 cruisers,  9 installations
   8 auxiliary ships and 15 types of fighters and bombers. A total of 77 assets.
--New user interface, 5 Main halls and 21 loading screens (1 introduction screen and 2 for each Act)
--More than 65,000 words worth of written material.
--Stunning space backgrounds. More planets and cosmic objects.
--New weapons with descriptions and tech animation. Each of them has its advantage and disadvantage.
--New capital ship weapons and new look for the Shivan beams
--10 in-game soundtracks with automatically triggered segments.
--7 briefing music and 2 main hall music.
--Epic clashes and intense dogfights.
--Insane scenarios and near-death situations.
--Random events that just blow you away.
--Battle through hundreds of enemy fighters and bombers while opposing fleets engage in a slug fest.
--And many more...

Please read this before playing:


The required SCP Build needed is FSO 19.0 and MVPS 4.3 but it had been tested to run with FSO 22.0 and MVPS 4.6.


 --- File updated (7/31/2022)
AF-Visual1 --- File updated (5/19/2017)

LATEST UPDATE (10/28/2022)

Download the latest update. The download will replace the AF-MissionsV1.vp file

There will still be issues that are overlooked. Please post them when you find one indicating the mission and the nature of the error so that it will be properly updated immediately.

So guys... Here it is. Please also read my last entry in the other thread, SOON TO RELEASE: The Aftermath...


I don't know if I'll be able to get to it this weekend, but I'll be sure to try it when I have the time.

Congratulations on the release! ... one more for the post-release playlist

Awesome, congrats! I want to finish BtA first but this should make a great Christmastime campaign. :D You worked hard, take five!


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