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Welcome DahBlount!

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DahBlount is now an official part of the JAD cult team!

He is joining as Holley's personal assistant. He will be responsible for getting her coffee and printing out funny stories for her to read.

And in his spare time, he does some code related requests and texturing.

(RIP DahBlount)

A fate worse than death

Does Holley even like coffee? She seems more like a cocoa drinker to me.

What, of course I like coffee! How else am I supposed to stay up 27 hours a day, monitoring raids and complex galactic movements in World of Nodecraft. Has coffee even been invented in your time yet???

In any case, I'll be forwarding you my required schedule, as well as donuts and pastries that go with each one. :)

My condolences.

Srsly, though, I hope you have fun! How'd you get a spot on the team?


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