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Board Guidelines


Treat this board as an archive or library of released materials. A point where we congregate everything we've done into one place so someone can easily find content. Keep this in mind when posting here.

What's okay:

* A release thread
* A WIP, Beta or Test release thread (but please clearly mark it as such)
* A re-release thread that has substantially newer content to warrant a new thread
* I leave at what point to make a new thread to your judgement, but something like a bug fix patch doesn't need a new thread
* If you're re-releasing or adopting someone else's content, you should probably do it in a new thread so its distinct from the original thread. Remember to give credit too!
* A direct link to a release elsewhere on HLP or other FS community page (You can copy your original release post, or just have a lone link for people to follow)
What's not okay:

* "Does anyone have any recommendations for...???"
* "I have a request..."
* "XXXXX doesn't work in 4.5.7 NEED HELP"
If you have a thread release post elsewhere and want it moved to here, PM a staff member, or use the report thread feature of the board to notify a staff member and we'll get it moved.


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