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I've PMed 13 of the chapters to Nyct so far.  I haven't posted them publicly on this site.

Would you like me to post one of the chapters here so you can see what you think?

(And actually it's not written in a traditional story sense.  I wrote it in kind of a combo between a regular story and a mission script.)

Finished the campaign. The mod is fantastic, and the equal of Blue Planet and Between the Ashes.  It was really, really excellent, and captured the Battlestar Galactica meets Freespace vibe perfectly. Gameplay was a ton of fun, and it really was a great take on the FS/FS2's universe. I really enjoyed the classic Freespace "go around, blow up huge numbers of Shivan ships" gameplay. Like FS2, it doesn't making the Shivans seem underpowered, as in Aftermath.

All told, it's a really good palate cleanser after being in the Blue Planet-verse and Between the Ashes-verse for so long.  Blue Planet's Shivans are Cthulhu-esque cosmic horrors but you get to peep into their world; when you're fighting humans, you are made painfully aware that there is another human on the receiving end of your plasma fire.  Between the Ashes does the same.  But in Exile, the Shivans stay mysterious and continue to keep their own counsel.  Even if they're individually easy to kill, they're impossible to stop collectively, like being swarmed by hornets.

The cutscene work was really impressive as well.

My one complaint is that the checkpoint system doesn't seem to work on most missions, so I switched to playing on lower difficulties and it was fine.

Fantastic job, guys.

Though I was not involved in the development of Exile, I still find it amazing that people are enjoying it following the recent upgrade and fix. :yes:


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