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What was in the recent JAD 2.21/2.22 update?


I ran the FS Installer recently and it had some updates for JAD 2.21 and 2.22.  However, I can't find anything on this board about a November update.  Axem, what was in the recent update out of curiosity?

Guess I forgot to make a post about that.

Anyway it was just a fix for "...Get Revengeance" crashing if you chose Alex or Epsilon 1 while in the battle of wits with the Tenth Beta Tester, and a lot of minor fixes so if people are running debug builds to look for a problem, there should be a lot less warnings to go through. Some of those errors came from the assets VPs, so I apologize for making anyone redownload a couple GB of data just so a debug build would be quieter.


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