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Custom Wingmen HUD Gauge [features now in FSO]

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Nice  :yes:
1. Yeah, lets color everything. I think the white text looks pretty nice too, but looking at how the hud currently is, all of the other hud gauges have their text in color too (with the directives themselves as an exception), so for consistency sake.

2. It's needed in my case:

If you could raise it so it's at the top of the screen, with a small distance away from the edge of the border, that'd be great.

Honestly, I'd love it if it worked a little smarter. So like it does 3 wings horizontally and then after that it starts a new row?

Bonus points to make color automatically get it from the Player's HUD color and/or configurable with a cfg file. Could do the same with text color and the horizontal vs vertical layouts.

Just posted a new version. Now the script now supports gray-scale option, improved position, and the script now uses the background color of the default wingmen gauge, thus it matches your current color configuration settings. Also fixed quite a few minor bugs.

Hmm two horizontal lines is a good idea, then it would nicely fit with the old gauge's placement. Changing the line colors and whatnot in a configure file is certainly doable, but since the player can alter it from the HUD Configuration in game I think that covers most use cases.

Just to note, the max list is 5 wings, since the script gathers the wings to list from the "Squadron Wing Names" in the mission file.

Thanks for both of your suggestions. I would be happy to hear any additional feedback, too!

New version is nice  :yes:


--- Quote from: Spoon on October 15, 2018, 02:55:22 pm ---New version is nice  :yes:

--- End quote ---

Thanks! I also tried to make a few variable names more understandable in case anyone wanted to adjust it for specific purposes.


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