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Custom Wingmen HUD Gauge [features now in FSO]

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The tricky part about this gauge is that it will change sizes based on the string lengths of the wing names. Thus that's the reason it is a more to the left, to account for if a longer name comes along. A good solution to this would be to put the gauge at the left side of the screen, but then folks might not be expecting it there.

Different campaigns and mods may have different sizes of HUDs based on what the modder did. This scripted gauge will not be affected unless the modder changes options within the script.

Thanks again, I've thought about making this a FSO feature, though then that makes the accessibility a bit more involved because instead of just downloading a script file that does everything, it would be up to each modder to edit the hud gauge table with all the new proper options and setup new image files.

Iain Baker:
I thought that might be the case. Never mind, it works, that's the main thing.  :-)

Just a thought though - could the guage box be right justified, so that its right edge stays in the same screen location regardless of the length of the box, but the left edge expands leftwards towards the centreline of the screen to accommodate different name lengths?

I've actually had that thought as well. Unfortunately for folks who want to move the gauge like they would any other HUD gauge I wanted to use the same convention as the HUD table, which is where everything is left justified  :lol:

If you're okay with the gauge being on the left side of the screen instead of the right then all you have to do is find the line
CustomWingGauge.origin = {x=0.88, y=0.25}
and change it to
CustomWingGauge.origin = {x=0.02, y=0.25}

Final update: I've now ported all the features from this script into FSO. These included color for health, full wing names, and custom dot icons for ship classes (now bombers, interceptors, and fighters all have unique wingmen dots). Beyond the substantial optimization, this has the added benefit that the gauge will now scale at varying resolutions, use HUD brightness settings, and fully work in multiplayer.

Details of which new features were added:
'$Wingmen Gauge Dot Override:' within ships.tbl. This allows modders to set wingmen status dots on a per-ship class basis. If no animation is specified then the default dot animation specified in the HUD table wingmen gauge is used. Wiki link here:

'Use Full Wing Names:' within hud_gauges. Enabling this setting draws the full wing name and does not alter the capitalization. Wiki link here:

'Use Expanded Colors:' hud_gauges. Enabling this setting uses red, yellow, or green color to designate wingmen health (green 1.0 to > 2/3, yellow 2/3 to > 1/3, and red <= 1/3. Wiki link here:

As a final note, I very much appreciate all the folks who commented or used the script. This was one of my first larger scripts, and it was a great learning experience. I'm also very happy so many folks found use for it, including Wings of Dawn. Also, if anyone has questions about how to use the new FSO features I would be happy to help.


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