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Custom Mission Roles Gauge v0.4

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Thanks, glad it's helpful for folks :)

I've just stumbled upon this and wow, this seems to merge into one viable tool many of the ideas I had back in the day for INFA's expanded HUD, several of which will find their use in SR. Before I download it and give it a try, a few questions: are there any known bugs I should be aware of? Is the "Object" field an open one where I can mention ships/entities which are not on the field of battle? Does the number of lines have a limit?

No known current bugs, but if you do come across any please let me know! To answer your other questions, the entire custom sexp just uses strings, so not actual wing or ship objects. And I do not think there is a limit. Glad it might be helpful!

I confirm this is an extremely useful script. :)

May I suggest expanding its related SEXPs in order to allow FREDders to edit the RGB values for displayed texts and numbers? For example, it may prove useful to mark the most critical orders in red, relevant (but not critical) orders in yellow, and so on.


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