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"Is the universe really that complicated to you?...
   Or is it just simple enough that you utterly fail to understand?"
--- Draktar

Amidst tragedy in battle, the brutality of the great Wars, the corruption of those in power, the political strife and the personal struggles, an ultimate revelation is waiting to unfold just beyond the horizon. A revelation that might bring peace to society or death to all who lived. A story of a female pilot who outlived the horrors of The Third Shivan War that ended just six months ago only to face something even worse than her nightmares.


The campaign has a fair number of 38 missions (including cutscenes) that are meticulously designed. Additional new ships, new weapons, new space backgrounds and new weapon effects are added. The missions are no longer just about shooting and blasting things, all of them require strategy and judgement like how will you disarm a destroyer in the shortest possible time or to take down an enemy cruiser in 25 seconds. Enemies will react and have strategies of their own to outflank, outmaneuver and outwit the player. some of them will even respond if you try to destroy their engines or their offensive turrets and even retreat in a disadvantage---Now, how to prevent them from escaping other than disabling their engines? Enemies will even have random behaviors. Here, you will have to use your survival skill, wits, and sheer will as you will pit against intelligent enemy fighters. The player will be faced with dilemmas on which targets to take on first or which asset to protect more. There are gameplay elements from bombing raids, artillery strikes, remote beam cannon control, capital ship piloting to fleet tactical command. The game will have a different feel. Aside from the epic battles and intense dogfights, the story is also character-driven which means more dialogue lines. There will be outrageous moments and even ridiculous ones adding more meat to the narrative as the mysteries pile up and explode until the very end. And everything will converge at the very end. This sequel also answers the questions that were brought up (intentionally) in "The Aftermath: Reboot" and the answers to these questions will actually sprinkle spice to this campaign.


Special thanks to CT27 who contributed more than half of the story, his plots and ideas that made the missions quite complex. And I also thank those who posted their suggestions that guided me to make this sequel.

Please read this before playing:


The required SCP Build needed is FSO 19.0 and MVPS 4.3 but it had been tested to run with FSO 22.0 and MVPS 4.6.

This mod is dependent on "MVPS" and "The Aftermath: Reboot" with the latest July 31 2022 update. Download the Reboot's latest update.

The Aftermath Reboot latest update download link:

The Blue Guardian
Total Download size: 390mb

TBG-Root2.rar ----
TBG-Files2.rar -----

(July 2022)
This will replace some files---

LATEST UPDATE  1/02/2023


Download and extract to the mod's root folder. This will replace the old files.

Congratulations! :yes: :yes:


--- Quote from: Nightmare on March 29, 2020, 05:51:01 am ---Congratulations! :yes: :yes:

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Thanks a million

Woo! Looking forward to playing it! Congrats on the release, that's gotta feel good!

Congrats on the release good sir! Will this be on knossos soon? I got rid of my wxlauncher some time ago


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