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We still need a campaign where you can date your wingmen


--- Quote from: Strygon on November 15, 2020, 08:22:50 am ---We still need a campaign where you can date your wingmen

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but there's already BP

*minus the mindbreak tag


--- Quote from: Mobius on November 15, 2020, 04:34:59 am ---It seems a powerful storytelling tool, yet those like me who are unfamiliar with it would appreciate a couple of screenshots showing off what's it about and its precise purposes in-game.

My "campaigns to play whenever I get the chance" list is quite long and I'm trying to catch up with what I've missed. This script appears to be a major feature but I'm kind of blind right now and I have no idea how it works. Is it a major overhaul of the fiction viewer, or something else?

Any examples other than the raw templates on GitHub?

--- End quote ---

Good point. I didn't realize that people not familiar with WoD / JAD / Solaris or other VN's have no real idea of what this is.  I added a (very) basic explanation and a few screenshots from how it was used before. I hope this somewhat clears it up.

Ohhh I didn't know it was capable of that much, actually.

... looks left and right



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