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These are radar icon packs for various campaigns and a generic radar icon pack suitable for all campaigns.

They are provided here for other modders to include in their mods and for use in mod packs. Simply add this mod as a dependency for your own in Knossos and assign icons/scale in your ships table. I hope to eventually include silhouette icons for all unique ships from all older FSO campaigns lacking them.

Generic Style Icons

Intended for high-legibility radar icon usage. Icons are generally smaller to reduce overlap yet easier to identify at a glance. Intentionally generic enough to work for non-freespace campaigns.

Silhouette Style Icons

For anyone who wants their radar icons to look like the ships they represent. Comes in two styles, simplified and complete. The simple reuses iconic silhouettes for multiple, similar ships to keep the radar from becoming too cluttered. The latter has silhouettes for every individual warship, fighter, and bomber. May make the radar too cluttered for you... YMMV.

Currently supports Freespace 2 Retail, Freespace Port, Blue Planet Complete, and Derelict.

Source Files and Documentation
These are the source files for the icons. They are Photoshop files as that's what I used to create them. You may be able to open them in other image editors, but i would expect some wonkiness due to some of the advanced features of Photoshop I used.

Common Files (needed for the others)
Generic Icons
Freespace 2 Retail - Simple Silhouettes
Freespace 2 Retail - Remaining Silhouettes
Freespace Port - Simple Silhouettes
Freespace Port - Remaining Silhouettes
Blue Planet Complete - Simple Silhouettes
Blue Planet Complete - Remaining Silhouettes

Missing Icons:
Hidden Text: ShowSome icons are still missing from the complete packs. They will be added as time allows.

Freespace 2
    TSC 2
    TAC 1
    TTC 1
    VAC 5
    SAC 3
    SC 5

Change Log:
Hidden Text: Silhouettes • Show1.0.0

* Gold Release (no major changes from 0.4.0)
* Fixed missing #End statement in simplified fsport icons
* Added support for Silent Threat: Reborn

* This release is _BREAKING_. Do not upgrade without first testing and making needed changes.
* Completely revamped icon packaging and organization.

* There is no more generic icons in this version of the mod. That is now it's own mod.
* All silhouette icons from the former generic packages have been integrated into the new Simple Silhouettes packages.
* Some icons from the Complete packages have been moved into Simple Silhouettes to replace non-silhouette icons
* Remaining "complete" icons now belong to "Complete Silhouettes" packages.
* Icon defs for Simple Silhouettes has been completely revamped for additional consistency in size between classes of ships.

* Icons are now pngs with transparency instead of dds with black backgrounds. This allows the icons to work on the 3d radar.
* All existing icons have been remade to be more consistent with each other.

* Icons consistently have a 1-pixel thick border at 1080p resolution.
* Icon sizes are more consistent with the significance of the craft they indicate irrespective of the craft's physical size
* The way icons are detailed and simplified is now consistent for all icons, depending on intended size
* Icons which may be used at different sizes now have actual different sized icon files
* Icon naming is now more consistent
* This update includes breaking changes.

* Some icons have changed in ways that are purely visual.
* The naming scheme for all icons has changed significantly (due to engine limits).
* Downstream projects are advised to investigate the new icons before depending on this new minor version.
* There are even bigger changes coming in the 0.4.0 release. Unless problems are found, that will be the next release of this pack

* Added FSPort icon defs.
* Shortened package file/folder names.

* Broken by knossos. Waiting on fix.

* Knossos broke three uploads in a row. The 0.1.7 upload should work... but it wasn't supposed to be loose files. The illustrious ngdl has fixed this issue, 0.1.7 should download correctly now.
* Rearranged several icons in the retail packages.
* Added icons for FS Port ships.

* Identical to 0.1.3. Re-uploaded cause knossos had a case of the dumb.

* Finally added the SSG Rahu.

* Cleaned up dependencies.

* Initial release. Separated the icons from HD Hud for Blue Planet Complete.
* Separated Blue Planet Complete specific icons into their own, optional packages.
Hidden Text: Generic • Show1.0.0

* Gold Release (No major changes from 0.0.1)
* Added support for Silent Threat: Reborn

* Initial release. Separated the generic icons from silhouette icons.[/list]

Hud icon transparency fails with the 3d-radar. Need to look into this.

Trivial Psychic:
I've been making use of these for BP.  Excellent work!


--- Quote from: Trivial Psychic on July 13, 2021, 12:35:01 pm ---I've been making use of these for BP.  Excellent work!

--- End quote ---

Thanks. :-)

The newest release of HD Radar Icons 0.4.0 is a dramatic and breaking change. All modders, please make extra sure your mod is working with these changes before depending on the new version.

I'm having some trouble getting 0.4.0 to upload to Nebula, but it should be available very soon.


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