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I have gotten through to the point where you're supposed to "cause a distraction."  I follow the exact steps, get within the right distance from the right item, but the VERY FIRST SHOT of the "short bursts to not cause detection" causes me to be detected and fail the mission.  I've sunk an hour into this thing trying to get this right, and it's still not working.

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

If you aren't already using Tempests, change your loadout so that you are.

Fire on a container that's in the process of docking, not one that's already filled. Don't use your primaries, just the Tempests; you should destroy the container almost instantly.

Well, the very first shot should not cause an instant fail.  It's possible that there's a bug, perhaps caused by a change in FSO.  I will investigate.  AFKeeper, what versions of FSO and Scroll are you using?

Antares, I was using Mekhu lasers for the shot, not Tempest missiles.  I'll try the mission again and use those.

Goober, Scroll version was 1.8.0, but I don't know where to find what version of FSO I'm using.  Sorry, I'm still rather new to the community, but if you point me in the right direction of Knossos, I can tell you what I have on this end.  Thanks!

I can confirm that using Tempest missiles worked. 


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