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SquadWar Registrations Now Open!


Squad registrations for the new SquadWar are now open to the public. At this time most squad functionality and basic league functionality are done. Matches will come at a later date and we will pick some squads to help with testing once it's ready.

Once logged in to the PXO website you will be able to create a Squad from the Squads page.

The SquadWar FAQ has been updated to match currently functionality. It may still contain outdated or incorrect information however so please report any issues.

Although all of the was tested pretty thoroughly there may still be some bugs hiding in there so please report any issues that you encounter.

Known issues:

* Due to the size of the complexity of the league maps, animations can be a bit janky on some systems/browsers
* Interacting with the League map using touch doesn't always work properly on Firefox
* Keyboard navigation on the league map is currently disabled

Currently functionality includes:

* Create and edit Squad information
* Recruit and manage Squad members
* Join/Leave Leagues
Still on the todo list:

* Discord webhooks for Squad notifications (partially implemented)
* Entering the League Map
* Match scheduling and challenging other Squads for sectors
* Additional UI/UX work

Basic FAQ

A working email address is required to sign up and manage a Squad. By default this is the email used for your PXO account, but can be changed to any address that you like. The email address will be visible to the Squad Leader and Co-Leader but not any other squad members or the public.

You can be a member of up to 5 Squads. This limitation may be changed in the future depending on how many people participate in SquadWar.

At this time you only have a leadership role in a single Squad. A leadership role is either a Squad Leader or Co-Leader. A Co-Leader has all of the same priviledges as the Leader with the exception of not being able to promote/demote the Squad Leader nor can the Co-Leader disband the Squad. Having a Co-Leader is entirely optional.

Squads are limited to 24 members. This limitation may be changed depending on how may people participate in SquadWar.

Squad Logos can be submitted in PNG, JPG, WebP, or SVG formats. A size of at least 512x512 is highly recommended for the best quality. Logos will be resized automatically as needed to fit those dimensions. The maximum file size for an submitted logo is 300 KiB.



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