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To help me with my FreeSpace translations, I created a small program to automate some modifications across tables and mission files in order to make mods more 'translatable'.

I think my program is now stable enough to share it, in case other translators are interested to use it.

The program has 3 main objectives:
- To replace hardcoded texts by XSTR variables everywhere it is possible.
- To create unique IDs for XSTR variables across all files of a mod, dealing with duplicates, and to generate a tsrings file.
- To update an existing translation in case the original mod has been updated and the IDs have been changed.

This program was designed to translate already released mods, and might not be very interesting for mods in development (many files are impacted, and FRED tends to overwrite some changes made by my program).

So if you are interested, you can download it here (Windows only, sorry):

As I have been the only user of the program so far, there are probably many bugs I did not detect, so feel free to report them here or on github, as well as any suggestion.


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