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My French translation of FreeSpace Port has been released, so feel free to report any bug or to propose any improvement in this topic.

What is different from the official translation?
- All the content is now translated, including single and multiplayer missions.
- All ship names and nameplates are translated.
- HD movies (by mjn.mixael) with French audio are available, or you can opt for original videos with subtitles.
- You can choose to play with English voices while having French texts (just uncheck the 'French' package of the original FreeSpace Port when you install).


thanks for creating this!

question: are we supposed to get voices (like  in the tutorial? ) if so , in which language? right now I have silence.

I installed "freespace port  french translation 1.1.0" from knossos
then  I set  knossos - settings - audio - language  to "French"

I read that we "can plya with the english voices with french subtitles" .  I am not sure if this means that there are optional french voices or that there is no voice when you dont pick the english voices.


Hello freemorg,

If you want to have the French voices, make sure you checked the 'French' box for FreeSpace Port.

Normally you should at least have English voices if you didn't check this box, so it's weird if you don't have any voice so far. Did you check the voice volume in the ingame options?


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