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[MODELDUMP] Nyx is dropping some unfinished junk...


I have some polygons in my backups that I made some time ago and never finished. I have no time nor intention to finish any of those assets, so I may as well dump them to the community. If anybody wants to take them up, rework or finish, feel free to do whatever you want. They are fully modelled but unmapped and probably require some additional mesh cleaning, despite being in good shape overall.

As always, this stuff is released under CC BY-NC 4.0.

SC Ahriman
The first one is shivan cruiser. If I remember correctly, original mesh comes from Freespace mod for some RTS game, and was donated to me by MajorVader for upgrade. This is the result. Certainly not 2022 quality, but it's still quite detailed and doesn't look bad. I envisioned it as heavy subspace picket used by Shivans to scout deep-space for subspace activity, so it has some strange machinery between the arms for this purpose. In my headcanon, shivans mutate this thing from Rakshasa. Aside of that, she nas 4 possible, frontal beam emplacements,


GVCv/PVCv Pnepheros
Yeeey, the good, ol' Pnepy. This one is actually released as abominous kitbash asssembled with no real purpose couple years ago. The dumped one is the HQ version of it, modelled as "no tris challenge" to practice subsurf shapes. Parent object and majority of details are fully subdividable, so if one feels ambitious, baking normalmaps from hipoly is fully possible. This one is fully 2022 quality one, with about 300k tris, but it's 2022 isn't it? She still has some rough spots, torpedo launcher is not fully modelled but overally it's like 95% ready for mapping and uses Oddgrim's turrets.


I don't expect anybody to ever pick this stuff up and do a thing, but feel free to surprise me and have fun. And no, don't ask me to finish them. I won't do that.

Colonol Dekker:
They're lovely

Iain Baker:
Noice 👍

Argh, now I am no longer ignorant that these beautiful ships were in the works and I long for a completed version...      but alas, I am not a modeller or texturing person.


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