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FS2 Cockpit, Thrust, and Glide Mod

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Hey all,

I first wanted to thank this community for all of their hard work.

I just started playing space sims not too long ago and I have been having a lot of fun in this genre, but none have come close to the story and lore told in Freespace which is something that keeps me engaged playing despite how a game looks.

After beating the game in steam I found out about the modding community behind this game and I have been super impressed. I decided I would like to give back by creating a mod that makes the game feel a bit more immersive, provides omni directional movement, and gliding. I am a bit of noob to this modding community so if there is anything blatantly wrong let me know, but I would love any opinions you may have as I continue to put this together.

My goal is to give each flyable ship in FS2 a unique cockpit that is also useable (meaning you can see what's going on around you without the model obstructing your view too much). I also want to give each ship omnidirectional movement and gliding, but also keep the ships balanced/true to the original design. I hope to do the same for FS1 and Blue Planet in the future.

Current ships with Cockpits: GTF Ulysses, and GTF Hercules Mark II

Current ships with thrust/glide mod: GTF Ulysses, GTF Hercules, GTF Hercules Mark II, GTF Ares, GTF Erinyes, GTF Loki, GTF Pegasus, GTF Perseus, GTF Myrmidon, GTB Artemis, GTB Artemis D.H., GTB Medusa, GTB Ursa, GTB Zeus, GTB Boanerges, GVF Seth, GVF Horus, GVF Thoth, GVF Serapis, GVF Tauret, GVB Sekhmet, GVB Bakha, GVF Ptah

The Mod is up on Knossos (Title: FS2 Cockpits, Thrust, and Glide Mod) for you to try it out. If you have any suggestions please let me know and I'll try and implement for the next update which will be regularly until I can get through all the ships. Once I have done enough bug squashing I plan on releasing a guide on how I did this.

Iain Baker:
Superb! I always felt FS needed something like this. :-)

Thank you!

I’ll be working on the vasudan ships as well so if you see any improvements that can be made let me know.

I also realized I forgot to include reverse afterburners so I will be working on that too.

Edit: Added Vasudan Cockpit, lateral/vertical/reverse thrust for them, and added reverse afterburners for all modded ships

Iain Baker:
Could these be made to work with other non-BP campaigns too? If I had my way all campaigns would have these 😎

Would you be able to create a guide that shows how you did it so players and mod creators alike could do likewise? If so I would be extremely greatfull (as would lots of other players too I imagine) 😊👍 (NB a guide to changing the flight mechanics alone would be useful too. I’m thinking these mechanics could be applied to other user made ships, FS1 ships etc.

I don't see why not since it seems the retail game engine has the functions built in as far as thrusters go.

The bigger question would be if the ships you want to use this on have cockpits built into them. Luckily this community thought ahead and whoever remodeled these ships had the foresight to build in cockpits to look at. I can't speak for other campaigns. I am contemplating CADing up or whatever software is used  to make models (just discovered SCP last week so I need to keep reading on these forums to see what architecture is preferred) 4 or 5 cockpit types that have the gauges built into them, but still true to the designs of the ships, to make them more realistic for FS2 as well with BP. Modelers can then take the cockpit model they like and place into whatever fighter/bomber they are making for any ship.

As for a guide on how to do this, I think I can attempt to do so. I come from the world of Assetto Corsa so I am not sure if there are strict rules on guides here. I know moderators take information posted on their forums seriously, and since I am not familiar with FSO modding I don't want to mislead anyone or have it break an install somehow.

It will be awhile if I do (a week and some change) since I will be busy with other things soon.

I didn't realize there was an FS1 port. Looks like I will be playing through that and modding as I go. Thank you for that!


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