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Plans for future updates of AFR/TBG

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Herkie told be on FB about some of the future plans for AFR and TBG that he authorized me to post here.

In about a couple weeks or so, Herkie will be posting a minor update for AFR and TBG (that he told me will also get posted on Knossos...big thanks to MJN for his help on this).  This will be a relatively small update to just fix some grammar issues and text typos but will also fix some balance issues in a small number of missions. (IllFatedGaming aka RedMageJoe, if you're reading this, this first update is what you'll likely see when you get to TBG in your YT playthrough)

Secondly, Herkie also told me he will be getting in the near future a new computer that is more powerful and has a better graphics card than he has now.  This means he will be able to finally work with FSO 22.2 and the current MVPs.  With this, Herkie says he'll be making a larger overhaul to AFR and TBG.  I don't think this will be as big a jump as from the original "The Aftermath" to "The Aftermath:  Reboot", but it sounds like a larger update of some sort to both AFR and TBG (Herkie also said there may even be a new mission or two added to TBG but isn't 100% about that yet).  He said not to expect this bigger update until early 2023.

Actually, it's a complete overhaul. A very big update which I might start to work on in mid 2023. This is like making a new big mod, probably bigger than AFR and TBG in terms of file sizes. And this will take months (hopefully be released by December 2023).

The overhaul will involve replacing most old models. Almost all. New retextures, new modular tables, changes and modification on the skyboxes, new planets including changing the earth-like Shivan Planet to make it more Shivan, additional auto-triggered music tracks, a lot of mission redesigns or remake especially the weaker missions, a lot of rewrites on the narrative. I am planning to make AFR as a character-driven campaign meaning Richter will have in-game dialogue lines and more dialogue lines from other characters to enhance the story. This will mostly mean some additional missions, maybe a couple. I will also make use of FSO 22s new features especially with weapons so weapons will be remade. And some new LUA scripting techniques for additional gameplays.

This sounds exciting, and one suggestion I would add is voice acting

It sounds cool, Herkie. 

Just be careful on how much you change AFR at least.  A lot of people (myself included) liked the 'simple' and over the top gamepleay (lots of big fleet battles and explosions and power trips) and if you try to make AFR too "deep" some people might not like it as much.

I will definitely give it a chance when it comes out though.


--- Quote from: ShivanSlayer on October 27, 2022, 10:48:00 am ---This sounds exciting, and one suggestion I would add is voice acting

--- End quote ---

He he he :lol:   That will be difficult. But I can make it on my own as me as the sole actor doing different voice impressions and accents. And edit the audios to make it sound like different people. BTW, I did the voices in AFR's post credits scene.   :)


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